Saturday, August 7, 2010


The most important thing about me moving back to Austin is the puppy that I acquired en route. Emily flew up to Philadelphia, where we enjoyed our final two Philadelphia nights, then headed west to Pittsburgh for two nights. We swept through Indiana, visited Theresa's new home, then drove to Missouri, where we got Ruby.

This is Ruby. She was seven months when I got her, and she slept the two days we drove on the road back home with her. I love her. She is a golden retriever/poodle mix, which is officially called a goldendoodle. She's not golden, but she is excellent.

Monday, June 7, 2010

oops, sorry, i'm still here...


I am weary. I am ready to begin my new job in a new (old) town. I am trying to love and enjoy my kids hard these last few days.

Because they suck sometimes, but really, I love them more than words. This weekend, I got to take a couple of my students to a small carnival that TFA had in south Philly. So I drove them in my car, we ate pizza, we bounced and tackled each other in a bounce house, we hung on monkey bars, we dunked each other in the dunk tank. It was awesome.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a couple of my girls to get water ice after school, just to show them how special they are to me. Today wasn't even too bad of a day. Yes, there are hiccups. Yes, I still had to manhandle a bunch of kids. But really... it wasn't the worst!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

thrill seeker

I feel like Philadelphia has given me so many new experiences. There are the obvious things, like the beginning of my career, my first time more living further than fifteen miles from my parents, paying bills and rent, and so on.

Then there are the little things. I tend to be a bit of a thrill seeker, nothing too dangerous but just in an effort to get a lot of experiences and satisfy that itch. My dear friend, Tony, tends to be my enabler here in Philly. He is the one who "knows a guy" at the tattoo shop off of South Street. He drives a motorcycle. He also has the relaxed, "let's do it!" attitude that you sometimes need in life. So we keep him around.

Yesterday we are all at jazz and he turns to Theresa and I. "So you guys wanna go shoot guns?" Of course, we both said sure.

I have wanted to shoot a gun mostly because I never have. Neither of us came from hunting families, but a lot of my friends back home definitely did, and, well, guns are scary and I like being a little bit daring.

So we went to this shooting range that Tony goes to, and I was way, way too scared. Theresa did it first and was awesome, but when it came time for me I was too afraid to shoot it. I held the gun and then just couldn't pull the trigger; I kept picturing myself panicking at the way the gun kicks back and shooting myself or a friend or dropping the gun, or something horrible. So I hesitated and hesitated and then finally.... shot the target right in the middle of its face.

Moral of the story: I am much more afraid of guns than I thought. This did NOT make me want to use one recreationally. However, the thrill was definitely a nice stress reliever and I did feel super tough. Thanks Tony!

You should have seen my shaky hand.

The shot in the red was my first shot.

Don't worry, we wore helmets. And didn't drive. And didn't go on the highway.

philly and austin

Last night I went out with some friends to a jazz happy hour and an open mic night at World Cafe Live. This is something I highly regret not doing for the other two years I've been teaching... It was so nice! Music and food - it felt like home.

As a matter of fact, one of the performers was introduced as from Austin so I went a little crazy, and the introducer said, "Are you from Austin? Why. On. Earth. Did you leave?" I yelled, "Well, I'm moving back!!!"

I love Austin.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

classroom soundbite

We read "Where The Wild Things Are" so we could compare and contrast the book and the movie. So far it's been pretty fun, although we have only gotten thirty minutes of the movie squeezed in over two days.

In the book, Max gets sent to his room and then sails on his very own "private boat" to where the wild things are. Well, I read this page and then show the picture, and one of my monsters, the one who bit me when I fed him a pretzel, the one who climbed the schoolyard fence at recess, the one who does the splits almost every day, yells:

"PRIVATE PARTS!!!!" and points to his privates. I cracked up. He's ridiculous.

Monday, May 17, 2010

day fail

Today was one of those delicious failures of a day.

It's not that it was a bad day. It was actually supposed to be a fantastic day, because I was off for graduation. Great. Sleep in, get some hotel breakfast, go run errands and enjoy life.

Well, it started out fine. Sleep in, kind of check. My dad left at 5:45 am but I kind of went to sleep after that. Breakfast, check. I went downtown and returned some clothes. So far, so good.

I got overly excited about the opportunity to get my pay raise for the remainder of the school year for having earned my master's degree, so I decided to get all the paperwork, get a transcript from Penn, and then go to the school district office during the day (because it's impossible to get there after school - go figure that our employers would make it extremely difficult to get to their office). I know this seems a little excessive for a small pay raise, but I can taste those grad school loans. Any little bit helps!

I hustle to Penn, find parking after twenty minutes, and... my transcript doesn't have the degree posted yet, so no transcript. Fail #1.

So, good, at least I sent a bunch of pictures from Shutterfly to Target to get picked up! I needed to mail some photos to my aunt, and had some from my classroom that I wanted to get printed so we could work on our scrapbook pages soon. I drive to Target, and... a small piece of paper in the Photo section says, "Sorry! No Shutterfly." Fail #2.

I gave up and went home and watched TV in my bed on Hulu. My productivity died right then and there and now it's 7:40 pm and I'm watching E! in pajamas. That's the normal for me, but still. Today was supposed to be WONDERFUL!

In other news, I graduated this weekend, and my daddy was here. It's so nice to have your family. Even though they bring out the crazy in you, there's a certain emptiness when they're gone. In the only picture of us from the weekend, my dad looks a little bit miserable, but I promise that he isn't.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got bit twice the last two days.

One time was one of my kids when I was feeding him a pretzel. He was so excited that he bit me when I was giving it to him. This was a funny bite. Like a puppy, you know?

Yesterday was my grade partner's student, who was getting taken downstairs for fighting. I found him punching his teacher in the hall so I went to help her and he bit both of us. It hurt!